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Seal Coat

What is a Seal Coat?

Seal Coat is simply a type of protective liquid applied to asphalt. It protects asphalt from damaging environmental factors, some of which are oxidation, ultraviolet rays, and extreme temperatures. Seal Coating does not act as a crack-filling substitute. 


What are the benefits of a Seal Coat?

A Seal Coat acts as a defensive barrier against harmful substances that contribute to the erosion of asphalt. Even further, a Seal Coat gives your pavement the professional, brand-new look that we all love. 


When is a Seal Coat necessary?

It is recommended that a Seal Coat be applied every 1-3 years. However, it truly depends on the specific amount of traffic and degree of damaging environmental factors exposed to the pavement. Keep in mind that a Seal Coat acts as a protective agent for asphalt, and therefore it extends the life-time of your pavement thereby saving you future costs.


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