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What is an Overlay?

The term Overlay simply means to place a coating over an existing surface. Therefore, an Asphalt Overlay means to apply a new layer of asphalt over an already existing asphalt-based surface. The process consists of applying either liquid asphalt or tack coat (to ensure proper attachment) on top of the existing layer of asphalt, then laying down the new layer of asphalt. 


What are the different types of Overlay?

The different types of Overlay are the following: Petromat, Glasgrid, and TruPave. A Petromat Overlay uses a petromat fabric that assists in creating a barrier between the old and new layer of asphalt that defends against water penetration, and this method acts as a protective measure to reduce the rate at which asphalt cracks recur. A Glasgrid Overlay utilizes a mesh of high-tensile fiberglass mixed with elastomeric polymer that provides a great solution to asphalt cracking, increases the life-time of the asphalt pavement, and thereby reduces future maintenance costs. A TruPave Overlay, similar to a Glasgrid Overlay, uses a mixture of high-tensile fiberglass and polyester fibers in order to prevent reflective cracking, therefore, increasing the life expectancy of the asphalt pavement, and once again reducing future costs. 


What are the benefits of an Overlay?

An Overlay serves as a protective measure against reflective cracking in asphalt-based pavement. It benefits customers in the long-term by maintaining the appearance, performance, and life expentancy of the pavement.


When is an Overlay necessary?

An Overlay is necessary when the pavement shows signs of deterioration or general wear & tear, however, the pavement must be structurally stable and sound. In the case of the pavement being structurally unstable, a Remove & Replace would be required. 


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